CL Young

Four Poems

Muriel Leung

Life of a Drowning

Joanna Fuhrman & Toni Simon

excerpt from King of the Street

Bill Carty

Two Poems

Claire Donato

Three Poems

Sennah Yee

How Do I Look?

Nina Puro

Fig. 287: Diagram the shipwreck before the shipwreck.

Sophia Le Fraga

The Carry Letters

Emily Brandt

The Consequence of a Flag 

Francesca Capone

Deciphering the Language of Fabric

Sara Renee Marshall

By home, I don’t mean a cinematic notion of beauty

Katie Mertz

Two Poems

Gabriel Kruis

Ghost Frequencies

Lisa Ciccarello & Emma Trithart

Every day I learn how to survive the day & then the day is over.

Brandi Katherine Herrera

Natürlicher / vis-à-vis land, animal

Brandon Kreitler

from The Travel Letters of X

Dennis James Sweeney

One Poem

Caitlin Scarano

Three Poems

Ryan Mills

Three Poems

Emily Jern-Miller

Four Poems

Jennifer S. Cheng

A Poetics of Iteration

Wendy C. Ortiz

Celestial Body Language

Jac Jemc

Chain Letters

Tyler Cain Lacy

Just The Surface Things